What is included in a seat belt repair

 How does your seat belt repair service work
If your vehicle is from 2001 or newer it will come equipped with seat belt tensioners. The seat belt tensioners come in many different designs, however, they all have the same objective. There purpose during an accident is to instantly tighten the slack in your seat belt strap and pull you back against the seat. In order for this to take place it requires instant deployment of a small charge that shoots bearing through a tube where the bearings are caught by a spindle (one at a time) and therefore force the spindle to turn and tighten the belt.
Unfortunately, this is a one time event and therefore you must replace the seat belt assembly. If you buy new seat belts at a dealer this will substantially increase the price of your rebuild. Therefore, what we offer is for you to send us your seat belts and we replace the needed components such as the explosive charge, the bearings as well as calibrate the springs and connectors. This results is a much more cost effective solution to buying new belts.
Do you rebuild all seat belts
No, there are too many different designs for us to carry every single one. However, we do rebuild a large majority of seat belts. Look for the words "Seat belt service" or for the symbol of a mechanic's wrench next to the seat belt image displaying in our inventory. When you purchase this service you must mail in your seat belts for repair.
What if I am not sure I need to fix my seat belts 
Then check the boxes for seat belts at the top of the search page and select any other items that were damaged in the accident and we will send you a replacement estimate (quote) by email.