My Car Was Not In An Accident But My Light Is On

 My airbag light is on but my car has never been in a wreck
First, we want to make sure you understand that our module reset service is for vehicles that have been involved in an accident. 
When the airbag light comes on it indicates that there is a fault in your airbag system. The first thing you need to do is have the vehicle monitored with a scan tool. A scan tool is a computer designed to connect to your vehicle and read all the fault data for the airbag light and any other fault lights that appear on your dash.  The airbag light can be solid or flashing, either way, you will need to find a reputable company to inspect what codes are represented by light on your dash. Once your mechanic has the codes it will tell him which components are causing the light to come on. 
 The Fix
It is important that you ask for a printout of the codes. If you're not happy with the cost of the repair at least you know which codes are causing the light to come on and a second opinion will not require another scan.  Unfortunately, there is no quick answer as to why the light comes on. However, here are a few reasons why the airbag light all of a sudden turns on.
  • A common issue is the seat belts, usually, after vacuuming a car it is sometimes likely for someone to damaged a seat belt connector. The quick back and forth action of the plastic nozzle could easily have broken the connector. A mechanic will need to replace the connector. 

  • Another issue we have seen is coffee or some fluid spilled down past the cup holder. There are many cars that mount the airbag computer under the floor console. If moisture accumulates on the connector or seeps into the airbag module it could ruin the electronics. The only solution is to replace the airbag diagnostics module.

  • Another common issue is the clockspring. The clockspring is the only mechanical part of the airbag system. Its function is to provide connectivity (via wiring bands) to your airbag as the steering wheel turns. Over time, (15-20 years) it is susceptible to wear and tear and sometimes the wires will become brittle and snap. We have also seen that on occasion after rack-n-pinion repair or some type of service related to the steering column of the vehicle the airbag light will come on. The reason could have been that the mechanic unknowingly allowed the steering wheel to spin freely. Your steering wheel is usually allowed to spin around, in either direction, a total of two and half times and therefore your car's clock spring is design with the same limitations. If your steering column is allowed to spin freely it will literally pull the wires out of the clockspring. In order to fix this problem, you will need to replace the clockspring or have it repaired. We do offer repair services for older clockspring that are no longer available by the manufacturer.

  • There are also conditions that simulate an accident without actually experiencing airbag deployment. Some examples are as follows.

    • Your car's battery was drained and therefore your safety backups depleted. In most cases, if the safety backups deplete it will write crash information to your module. There is a different type of crash data some will cause the light to flash and some to come on steady. Either way, you will need to have the module reflashed at a dealer or use our module reset services.

    • If a component from your airbag system was disconnected while the ignition was turned to the on the position that could also write crash data to your module. It some cases when your component was reinstalled it may or may not reset the airbag light. Either way, you will need to have the module reflashed at a dealer or use our module reset services.

    • In some cases we have seen where a minor collision occurred and the airbag light came on several days later. If the sensor on the bumper wrote crash data to the airbag module it is usually the cause of why the airbag light came on. Again, you will need to have the module reflashed at a dealer or use our module reset services.

    • Note: On some occasions if the module is reset it will not clear the light. It is certainly possible to have an internal component failure that will require the module to be replaced. Therefore, the module can still be serviced by resetting but it will not solve the problem.